Men's Pennant Teams

Please check the Club Selection Board regularly in case a late change is made and direct contact by a selector is not practicable. 

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THURSDAY all at new Penants time start rollup at 1.15pm

Umpire of the Day:  Hilton Dembo

2 Blue

Fixture:    :   Away to Bayswater

Manager  :    Gavin Grieve

3 BLUE : 

Fixture:  Away to Warwick 

Manager :  G.Slee

4 Blue : DUTY TEAM

Fixture:   Home to Doubleview

Manager :  Peter Nicolaisen

5 Gold : Due to numbers, there will be a rotation policy with this division. Those who miss this week will be picked first nex week

Fixture:    Home to Sorrento

Manager : Hadyn Townsend

RESERVES:  W.Pidhirnyj  F.Natoli  P.Withill   B.Smith


SATURDAY : 1pm for 1.30 pm start 

Umpire of the Day: Tom Dawson

Fixture:    Home to Manning

Manager:  Warren Hinchliffe

Fixture:   Away to Bedford

Manager:  Peter Lawlor

Fixture :   Home to Bayswater

Manager:  Mel Harris

Fixture:    Home to Inglewood

Manager : Neil Cole

Reserves : N.Lewis  P.Withill  F.Parry



Manager : 


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