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Contact the Club for more information. Email:

or phone Kerry Godden (Ladies Club Captain on 0438 944 866.


Check out our Coaches Corner to contact a coach or get useful tips on improving your bowls.

Ever wanted to play bowls? Curious about how to get started? If so, then the Morley Bowling Club is the club for you.

Bowls is a sport for all ages and skill levels. You don't need to be a world-class athlete to play, and you can play competitively no matter how young or old you are. The Morley Bowling Club can also help bowlers with mobility issues obtain 'bowling arms', approved walking sticks, or approved wheelchair tyres. Bowlers using any of these bowling aids are able to play in any social or Metro Pennant event, under the exact same rules, where they are selected on merit against other bowlers in the club. This makes bowls an ideal sport for the whole family because, regardless of age, gender, or physical ability, bowlers can participate in the sport together rather than having to play in specialised divisions/competitions.

Regardless of skill level, the Morley Bowling Club coaches can help you learn and improve your game.

The Club is very lucky to have 2 very skilled coaches available. Kerrie Hudson and Ken Perks.

Both Ken and Kerrie have a wealth of experience between them to help you get started. 

What's more, all of this coaching expertise is available for free to new members!

The Morley Bowling Club has a wide range of equipment available to borrow for free (while using our bowling facilities) to help you learn the game before committing money towards your own set of bowls. The club has a Junior Jack Attack kit, complete with foam bowls, rubber jacks, and coaching aides, to introduce young bowlers to the game before they move on to standard lawn bowls.


When they do move on from foam bowls, juniors can borrow one of our brand new sets of Henselite Dreamline junior bowls. These bowls aren't cheap knock-offs; Henselite, an Australian-owned company, is one of the big three world-leading bowls manufacturers, and Dreamline bowls are one of the best-selling models in the world. The Club recently purchased 20 brand new sets of colourful Dreamlines in junior (0000 and 00) sizes, as well as sizes 2, 3, and 4 for adult use.

If lawn bowls sounds like the sport for you, please contact us to discuss how the Morley Bowling Club can help you get the most enjoyment out of the sport we love.


Events/Formats Offered by the Club


WHEN: Most day are available for a casual roll-up  (except Tuesday mornings, Thursday afternoons from 1pm - 4.30pm, and Saturday afternoons from 1pm - 4.30pm (October to April), as this is the pennant season. 

COST: Free for members, $5 fee per person for non-members. Fee includes use of club bowls, mats, and jacks.



DRESS: Casual, with barefeet, socks, or approved bowling shoes.


Our greens are open six days a week for members and non-members to use. Non-members thinking of taking up the sport are encouraged to come down and try out the sport/facilities. Club members practicing on the greens are often happy to introduce new members to the sport and the club.

Community Bowls/Barefoot Bowls 

WHEN: 2 seasons of 5 weeks running between January-March, from 7pm to 9pm. The exact dates are posted every year under our 'Community Bowls' tab.

(Starting Wednesday 11 January 2023)

FORMAT: 4v4, teams can have any mix of genders.

COST: $20 nomination fee for a team of four, then $10 per player per night thereafter. The cost includes sausage sizzle before each game.

SKILL LEVEL: Any, but is oriented towards beginners who rarely/never bowl.


DRESS: Casual, with bare feet, socks, or approved bowling shoes.


Community bowling is a great way to start playing in a bowls competition that doesn't require any previous experience. Our teams are usually made up of corporate teams, friends looking to play some bowls together, or family/friends of club members. 

If you can't find a team of four, our organisers can easily arrange for players to fill in and make a complete team, so individual players and small groups are strongly encouraged to contact the organisers if they want to participate.

All community bowlers can use the club's stock of bowls free of charge while playing in our Community Bowls competition, so owning a set of bowls isn't necessary to participate.

Community Bowls Format of Play.

Download an entry form.

Tuesday Social Bowls (Any gender) 

WHEN: Tuesdays from 12:30pm and runs during the off-season (May-September).

FORMAT: Different formats each week. Scroungers, the first Tuesday of every month, then drawn Triples/Fours. 

COST: $5 per player per day. Players don't have to commit to every day and can play as often or as little as they wish.



DRESS: Casual, with approved bowling shoes.


Winter Pairs

WHEN: Thursdays and Saturdays from 1pm. Winter Pairs runs during the Metro Pennants off-season (May-September). 

FORMAT: 2v2, teams can have any mix of genders.

COST: $10 per player per day. Players don't have to commit every day and can play as often or as little as they wish.

SKILL LEVEL: Novice bowlers to top bowlers.


DRESS: Casual, with approved bowling shoes.


Alongside scroungers, winter pairs is another option for bowlers looking to play bowls during the offseason. While the format is a little more formal and competitive than scroungers, there is still a strong emphasis on socialising with fellow club members and bowlers travelling from other clubs as well.

If you don't have a partner, the organisers can help you find someone to play with. This is a great way to get to know some of the members around the club.

Men's & Ladies Metro Pennants

WHEN: Every week from October-April

FORMAT: 4v4. Men's Pennants is held on Thursday and Saturday afternoons, Women's Pennants is held on Tuesday mornings, Friday nights, and Saturday afternoons. Each day's competition runs for approx. 3.5 hours (+ travel time). Each day is a separate competition; players playing in the Men's Saturday competition aren't required to play Thursdays as well, for example.

Our lowest pennant divisions Midweek and Saturdays are now OPEN GENDER.

COST: $8 Match Fee per player on weekends, $5 Match Fee per player on Tuesdays.

SKILL LEVEL: Advanced novice to top bowlers.


DRESS: Club uniform, with approved bowling shoes.


Metro Pennants is the flagship bowls competition in Western Australia. The competition is designed so that bowlers of all skill levels can participate. Competition starts in the 6th Division; clubs can apply for as many 6th Divisions as they need so that new bowlers can play regular competition bowls. The competition's highest division is the Premier League, where the best bowlers in the state compete for the Championship Pennant.

Regardless of skill level and experience, any bowler signing up for Morley's Pennant teams can be placed in a division that suits them. Many new bowlers with limited experience find that the lower divisions offer a good challenge without being overwhelmingly difficult, allowing them to participate in Metro Pennants while developing at their own pace.

Club Carnivals

WHEN: Varies.

FORMAT: Varies. Each club will specify formats and gender/skill level restrictions on their flyers. Typically, carnivals are all-day events, with some running over multiple days.

COST: Varies.

SKILL LEVEL: Varies, but generally intended for regular Pennant bowlers.


DRESS: Usually bowling whites or club uniform, with approved bowling shoes.


Clubs around WA regularly hold day-long bowls carnivals. These carnivals are a great way to meet bowlers from around the state while competing for some prize money as well. Many carnivals have gender restrictions (e.g. men or women only, teams of four with 2 men and 2 women) and skill restrictions (e.g. max of one 1st Division bowler per team, no Premier League bowlers allowed) so that players can find the right carnival for them.

Morley holds two major carnivals per year, with more planned during Winter starting from the 2017 offseason. Our Australia Day Carnival is a fun, social carnival without any restrictions on team composition and a focus on enjoying the Australia Day public holiday with a day of bowls. Our 'Morley Millions' carnival is the Club's flagship event; the high prize money on offer regularly attracts the best bowlers in the state.

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